Rolling With the Waves

I had the opportunity to take a 4 day cruise last week for vacation.  I had been on a boat before, but never a cruise ship.  It was huge!

The first morning out I got a little sea sick. Once I got out on the deck and breathed in some fresh air it readily resolved itself. This tends to help when I get motion sickness in cars also.

On the ship there were a lot of stairs and there was a lot of walking. By the end of the second day after another day ashore I got back to the ship and my body ached at every step I had to climb. I hadn't thought I had done more walking or more stressful exercising than my normal day to day routine. I was wondering why I was so out of shape, I was even at sea level which should have been a help to me. But I ached EVERYWHERE!

After a nice massage and thinking about what was really causing all the pain I realized it wasn't the stairs, it wasn't the horseback riding, it wasn't the walking around. The thing that kicked my butt was the waves and the little movement in the boat that I didn't always notice. It was my body shifting to stay centered while with was rolling with the waves. I really need to find a way to add this physical demand on a daily basis!

This got me thinking about how just going with the flow and not resisting life or stressing at everything I feel gets thrown at me would strengthen me mentally. If I take things as they come and not take them as something that is directed at me intentionally to cause me pain, maybe I could learn not to stress about every little thing I could gain more perspective. From that perspective I could gain insight into how the world truly works and find a better center in everything I do.

February 17, 2017 07:32 PM

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