All of this Shit

It attracts flies, it requires me to pick it up and contain or dispose of it, it’s a lot of work, if only manure would be worth something. These are the thoughts I had about manure prior to starting my garden.  Now I look at it as gold. Right I know it’s not worth as much as gold, but it is worth a lot.  It is one of the key ingredients to my garden beds. Yes, that is right, my food grows out of shit! It also grows out of decaying vegetation and bugs creeping and crawling around through dirt.

The breaking down of manure and decaying vegetation is a part of the cycle of life. The matter breaks down and is transformed into energy that grows into a plant that feeds and sustains another animal.  Didn’t we all learn this in biology class? Hopefully we did.

What we didn’t learn in biology class is that all the things we perceive as bad or hurtful in life are also the part of the cycle of life too. Many of us go through life affronted by the circumstances we are put in. We feel like we have to go through so much shit in life. But really what we are doing is learning and growing out of the circumstances of life (out of the shit). What we get to do is choose what we grow into. We can let the circumstances hold us down or we can grow and flower and provide help to others.

December 11, 2016 09:00 AM

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