Temporary Landscaping

In the garden area I’ve been getting ready to put some new beds in place.  I set out some borders for the beds yesterday, but haven't started sheet mulching the beds and today I’m glad I haven’t.  I realized I’m used to walking through one area directly and I think I need to continue to enable access through this area.  Building temporary borders and fences has become a huge benefit to me. Not only do I get to have a visual representation; I also get to do a trial run to see if it will work out. There is a lot of energy and time that goes into putting in a garden bed, sure I can change my mind afterwards, but taking it out is even more time and energy. Using the temporary borders and fences I can figure out if it’s what I really want before I start all the heavy lifting.

This temporary pattern can be used for other areas in life too; especially areas that require lifestyle changes. Sometimes we don’t want to make changes because it seems like it can be too hard or a daunting task.  We also don’t know if we can or want to commit to making a change 'forever', so we just don’t do it. Instead of looking at change as a permanent thing try something temporarily. Give yourself a trial time and make a change (or two or three, I like three).  Set yourself up a short term timeline to see if it works. Try six days or six weeks (for me one week seems to be good).  If it doesn’t work out stop, but think about what other changes you can try. We get to change our internal landscape so find what works for you!

Temporary Borders

December 12, 2016 03:27 PM

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